Tuesday Tunes

by Linda

Gah, it’s Tuesday again, already. But I’m happy to bring the tunes.


The Internet – “Give it Time” (Live on KEXP)

I’ve been listening to The Internet’s album Purple Naked Ladies a lot in the past couple weeks. This song (“Give it Time”) isn’t on there (it’s new), but I’m in love with it. My old Chicago Tour Guide introduced me to them a while back, but I never really gave them a good listen until recently. I’m not really down with OFWGKTA. I was just never really turned on by their music and the whole image just wasn’t doing it for me. But I’m definitely down with The Internet, which is made up of Odd Future members Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians. They mix jazz and smooth-as-butta vocals with psychedelic sounds and it’s just magic. I kind of wish Syd Tha Kid could just sing me to sleep every night. Check out their full album Purple Naked Ladies, especially my personal favorites, “She DGAF,” “Cocaine” and “Fastlane.”