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Off the Record

They refused to take direction from a woman. If they heard it from [his] mouth, they would listen—no questions asked.

—From a conversation Feb. 17


I took a crazy trip to Oahu last week. Pow Wow Hawaii was in full effect with artists painting beautiful murals all around the Kakaako district in Honolulu and I got the opportunity to explore the area, camera in hand, and even talk to some of the organizers. When you think of Hawaii, you think sun, beaches, greenery, hiking, etc. etc. But there is a really cool urban community in Honolulu as well, and I was lucky enough to get a little taste of it.

I met a local guy during the Honolulu Night Market who was nice enough to take a quick walk with me and talk local culture and art and whatnot. He showed me a nice little spot on a second floor balcony where some folks had the best view of the futsol tournament going on below. I took a few shots of the game but then turned and saw how into it these guys were and had to take another photo. Now that I’m uploading these pictures, I’m realizing that this random one is probably my favorite of the whole trip. The mural on the building is from Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 and painted by Wonderlust and Rone of Everfresh Studios in Melbourne. I think it makes the perfect backdrop.


More to come.

Tuesday Tunes

Broken Bells – “And I Love Her” (Beatles cover)

And if you saw my love / You’d love her too.


Good Folk

Pete Seeger

via NPR

Sometimes I think [about] that old saying, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Well my one hope is the guitar is going to be mightier than the bomb.

-Pete Seeger

Tuesday Tunes

Tennis – “Mean Streets”

Born and raised on the mean streets / That’s where she learned how to keep the beat / Some say, “That girl’s got something / I heard her name half a million times.”

I’ve been getting settled in my new apartment, new city, what feels like new everything. And it’s been lovely. Needless to say, 2014 has been amazing so far and I’m excited for what’s to come. More updates soon.


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