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Tuesday Tunes

N.E.R.D. – “You Know What”

Throwing it back. Dance party to start this beautiful Tuesday. Happy 1st of the month!

Saturday Morning Reads

My nephew, who is in his early twenties, recently spent a year living with me and my family. He worked at a bar, busing tables and serving drinks. His experience reminded me how hard it is to choose a direction for your life, and how exciting an open field of possibilities can be. It also felt deeply familiar. Today, we all need to keep evolving in new ways and with new situations. There is no clear destination.

What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s a question we were all asked as kids. Yet in many ways, it is the wrong question. Because becoming a “grown-up” is no longer a onetime achievement. It’s like the storybook ending—”living happily ever after.” That has always been a myth. And who would want a static life anyway? Particularly in our age of flux, standing still leads to obsolescence.

—Robert Safian in his editor’s letter, “Don’t Grow Up,” Fast Company July/August 2014

I have said this before and I’ll say it again: Editor’s notes are underrated. Most people flip right past them to get to the meat of the magazine. I’ll admit that I’ve read more bad ones than good, but when you do read a good one, it doesn’t just act as a simple introduction to what’s in the book. It sets the tone for what’s to come; it’s stirring—whether it’s inspiring, causes you to look at life a little differently, makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside or it takes how you have been feeling for the past eight days and perfectly puts it into exactly the right words. Let’s not take them for granted—as readers or editors. Kudos to those who continue to make them one of the things I most look forward to when opening up an issue for the first time.

Tuesday Tunes / On Letting Go.

The Whitest Boy Alive – “1517″

I thought I’d post something from The Whitest Boy Alive since I read at the beginning of this month that they were no longer making music together under that name. I suppose their announcement was ambiguous as to if they would make music together in some type of reincarnation, but I’ll mourn the loss of a great group (with a great name) nonetheless.

In personal news, I have to say goodbye to one of my most prized possessions very soon: my car. With me since graduating high school, my Saturn has taken me to college, back to my parents’ house, up to San Francisco, to countless ragers in Vegas, all the way to Chicago where she endured being frozen in essentially a huge block of ice after I neglected to dig her out of the snow immediately following a blizzard, and another cross-country trip back to California where she’s continued to be (for the most part) a reliable constant in my life.

My dad’s been pushing me to get rid of her for about a year now, and I think we’re just about there. She’s 11 years old now, survived a few recalls and electrical failures, and her power steering runs and hides when it’s too hot out. I know it’s time, but it’s not easy. She’s not sexy and I never prioritized washing her, but she’s made of plastic and still looks pretty new for an old girl. We’re going to donate her within the upcoming weeks and I’ll be getting a new chariot for what will probably be another 10-plus years of my life. I’ll miss her dearly, though. I never settled on a proper name for her, but my friends always called her “The Ion.” So here’s to The Ion, who has driven me through many stages of life. Cheers, friends.


Me, my mother and a couple good friends in front of old girl, the day I left for Chicago


Saturday Tunes

Hozier – “From Eden”

Babe, there’s something tragic about you / Something so magic about you / Don’t you agree?

I woke up early to go for a run, then couldn’t find the right shorts and have since been wandering around the apartment with no pants—one of the many perks(?) of living alone. I wrote something long and thoughtful in a notebook (by hand, gasp!) a week or two ago but it needs some refinement, so hopefully I will be able to throw something up here that is of substance shortly.

In the meantime: I love this song and haven’t Tuesday Tuned in awhile. Happy Saturday; cheers to a day of gallery openings and writing.

Off the Record

Me: You’re going to give yourself diabetes.

Friend: I certainly try.


—From a wedding, June 14


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