When I was 8 years old, I wrote a neighborhood newsletter that consisted of mostly information about my dog and my next door neighbors. I handwrote it on a single sheet of paper, asked my mom to bring me to Kinko’s to make copies and distributed it to the entire block.

I’ve done a bit more work since then, and my subject matter has expanded a little beyond my dog and neighbors. But I still love to tell stories.

This page will forever be a work in progress, but you can find a sampling of what I’m all about here. You’ll find some of my clips below. If you’re looking for writing in a specific style or on a particular topic, feel free to e-mail me at linda [dot] domingo [at] gmail.com.


The Writing on the Wall: Street art’s small but loyal following in Orange County makes a case for its importance in the region.
From Newport Beach Magazine, August/September 2014

Zine Scene: The Underground Press is Making a Comeback.
From Montage Magazine, Summer 2014

Local Inspiration: Orange County finds a platform for sharing ideas at TEDxOrangeCoast
From Newport Beach Magazine, February/March 2013


Ciao, Bella: Alessá Laguna gives diners a taste of home-cooked Italian cuisine.
From Laguna Beach Magazine, March 2014

Crafting an Empire: Orange County begins to make its mark on the craft beer market. 
From Newport Beach Magazine, February/March 2014 (also ran in Laguna Beach Magazine, October/November 2013)


Stop the Presses: Online advertising increasingly edges out print
From Venues Today, March 2010

Signs of the Future: Venues take display technology to the next level
From Venues Today, October 2009


Ocean Education: Crystal Cove is home to 1,100 acres of pristine marine protected area, and Crystal Cove Alliance is hard at work to keep it that way while inspiring the next generation of ocean lovers.
From Newport Beach Magazine, August/September 2013

Under the Big Top: London’s O2 Arena navigates its way through tragedy, growth and success
From Venues Today, September 2009


Urban Aloha
From Laguna beach Magazine, April/May 2014

San Diego Summer
From Laguna Beach Magazine, July/August 2013

Editing Work

As a managing editor, I oversee the production and ensure the quality of the content for three custom lifestyle magazines. My duties include curating the editorial content; creating and maintaining deadlines along the production process; assigning, editing and budgeting for features and departments; fact-checking and proofreading; working with our art department on design and gathering/selecting photography; and writing features and departments. There are probably some things I’ve left off, but I don’t want to bore you (too much).

I’ve been helping churn these out since 2012:



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